Edenic // ART - Exclusive Collaborations

"Everything is art. A chair can be art, a table can be art, anything can be art… and if we can help that conversation along by literally putting paint on it, it’s a pointer in that direction." -Callen Schaub

In order to further our mission of crafting bold, original objects, Edenic has partnered with several abstract artists in order to bring you a series of exclusive, one of a kind Art-Furniture. While maintaining an appreciation for modernist attitudes toward furniture design as functional sculptures, we chose to experiment with a new approach: treating furniture design as functional blank canvases.

We believed that the idea of furniture-as-blank-canvas would offer artists a new mode of expression, a three dimensional space upon which to play with light and color, thus transcending furniture from an object of utility into an object of beauty, eccentricity, and emotional power, while simultaneously shifting the traditional locale of art and painting beyond the wall.

To bring this concept to life, Edenic partnered with several abstract artists and the results are stunning. Each painter brought their own taste, style, and process to bear on our Teâshí coffee table design. Every piece in this series is the manifestation of an artist's unique expression.

Designed from the ground up, molded and cast out of pure metal, painstakingly welded by hand, and painted by an original abstract artist, the result of the Edenic art collaborations is a bold collection of one of a kind Art-Furniture like you've never seen.



Edenic // Brandon Dot Rollin


Edenic // Callen Schaub


Edenic // Nathan Goldsmith

Edenic // Chris Truman

Edenic // Novik

Edenic // Angel Once

Edenic // Goop Massta

Edenic // Dabber Jones

Edenic // Paola Gracey

Edenic // Jeremy Mangerchine

Edenic // Darel Carey