About Edenic Design


Edenic is the bold, new luxury furniture brand established by entrepreneur and creative, David Michael Miller. Each Edenic produced is approached with integrity to the artistic process, honoring the unique characteristics born of original creativity and craft.

Everything starts with the design. Inspiration for our designs emanates from concepts of the ethereal, elemental, and universal. 

Named after the Japanese word for “limb,” inspiration for our first product, the Teâshí Coffee Table, emanated from branching structures such as trees, veins, fingers, and bolts of lightning. Wanting to order these chaotic phenomena, founder of Edenic and self-taught designer, David Michael Miller, examined the fractal of Sierpinski’s triangle, to craft a geometrically guided and mathematically precise design. After the components of the prototype were molded and painstakingly welded by hand, we reintroduced an element of chaos by painting the exterior with ethereal drips and swirls. We’ve also partnered with several abstract artists including Callen Schaub, Brandon Rollin, Margalit Romano, Nathan Goldsmith, Paola Gracey, and Chris Trueman to hand paint the base in order to create a series of one of a kind Art-Furniture.

The hallmark of our design and artistic process lies in the theme of convergence: the convergence between art and design, natural structures and mathematical precision, fluid flow and rigid form, heaven and earth, and order and chaos. Beyond functional objects, each Edenic is a modern expression of the balance, power, and beauty found in nature. They are works of contemplation, appreciation, and imagination. And they serve as the ultimate translation of its owner’s extraordinary perspective and originality.

Entrepreneur and creative, David Michael Miller, was born in New York City to Asian and Jewish parents, whose distinct cultural backgrounds cultivated his unique perspective and appreciation for uniting different ideas, worlds, and traditions in order to create something new. He imbues this perspective in his approach to life, with a penchant for lateral thinking, interdisciplinary exploration, and bold risk-taking.

After graduating from Wesleyan University, Miller bounced between several part-time jobs, while creating and exploring in his spare time. He found his first entrepreneurial success in the world of fin-tech when, after recognizing the innovative and disruptive potential of blockchain technology, he began investing in bitcoin. He subsequently formed his own hedge fund, privately servicing clients as a financial consultant specializing in cryptocurrencies. The fund achieved success with its early investment in the initial offering of Chainlink’s cryptocurrency. 

While managing the fund, Miller continued to cultivate and pursue his passion for art and design. And, after years of designing, prototyping, experimenting, refining, and fabricating the Teâshí Coffee Table, he founded Edenic Design.