For Edenic, a collaboration is more than a meeting of aesthetic or creative styles, it’s a convergence of techniques, methods, and artistic ideologies. When we developed our first collaboration with Callen Schaub, we were enthusiastic about exploring how Callen’s expressive and freeform process would translate onto the angular 3-dimensional canvas that is the Teâshí coffee table. Our intent was to unite distinct creative approaches into a singular manifestation. The result is a one-of-kind object of art and design, Callen Schaub Teâshí 1 (CST1.)


A colorful, swirling and perpetually moving piece lures the observer one step closer into the art itself. It’s not often that fine art transcends observation, and contemplation, entering the realm of experience. The CST1 achieves this in true Edenic form, where the process remains authentic and genuine while staying approachable, appealing and functional.

The CST1 features a universe of colors and patterns that work together harmoniously, bringing to it a universal theme where chaos meets order. Every inch of the CST1 is intricate and intense while being free and naturally flowing. It offers the observer a vibrant and youthful emotion that is at the same time profound and timeless.



Below is the video of the interview between Edenic’s own David Michael Miller and painter Callen Schaub followed by excerpts.


“In an ideal world everything I would interact with would be art… Everything is art. A chair can be art, a table can be art, anything can be art… and if we can help that conversation along by literally putting paint on it, it’s a pointer in that direction to remind yourself that, ‘oh, it’s art.’ You don’t need paint and vibrant colors… but I use vibrant colors to help it be more obvious that, ’yeah, it’s art.’… I like the idea of elevating what could just be a coffee table.” -Callen

“You’re looking at it like… you have your art, the canvas doesn’t just need to be this rectangle… it can be anything. And I was kind of looking at it from ‘OK how do I create something that has function and utility, that is a coffee table in this instance… but how can it be more than just a coffee table?’ How can I get from where I, David, am sitting to where you, Callen, are. And for me it’s by treating the design, not just as a coffee table, but it’s about treating it as a canvas.” -David

“And then, on the flip side, taking something that’s like as gorgeous as the artwork that you create, with all the vibrant colors, and then giving it dimensionality and grounding it in an item that has utility, converging those worlds of design (based on function and utility) and art (based on aesthetics and the experience of something), and putting those together… I like that we can take different worlds — art and design — and bring them together and then out of that convergence something like this can emerge where it’s not just a coffee table, now it’s a piece of art, it’s transcended it’s mere utility. And also the art has transcended mere artwork and been given function and dimensionality.” -David

“I really thought of this as a challenge as well… I believe that life is like a blank canvas. Does the painting end when you’re not on a canvas. I don’t think so. I think that the color that you bring to life, that’s the essence. I’m not limited by my tools. I’m not limited by the substrate. You know? Traditionally canvas and brushes. I said goodbye to the brush. ANd now I can be free of the canvas is well. What is the canvas? It could be a table. It could, you know, it can be anything. Life is a canvas itself… it’s a bigger idea than the commodities. no doubt, this is an object, this is a thing, we are sellng it. but the bigger concept is that life needs more color and that kind alludes to the idea that art is everything.” -Callen

The CST1 has been sold to a private collector. You can learn more about it here: EDENIC x CALLEN SCHAUB TEASHI 1 (CST1)

Edenic and Callen Schaub will continue to release limited Teâshí coffee tables, each a one-of-a-kind based on our collective creative direction at the moment. Join the reserve release list and be the first to know when a new Edenic x Callen Schaub is released for sale or at auction.


To commission your own Edenic x Callen Schaub, click here to send us an email. Please note we accept a very limited number of commissions per year and each one will be different from the other to varying degrees, including our current techniques, creative concepts and also any input regarding the interior space the Teâshí will inhabit.

Callen Schaub is a Montreal, Canada based abstract artist and creator. He is recognized for his vibrant paintings using trapezes, pendulums, and spinning machines. Openly sharing his painting process with viewers and inspiring fans everywhere to participate in his “Fake Art” movement. With paintings hanging in collections across the globe, Callen continues to make the world a more colorful place one artwork at a time. Callen Schaub was named Instagram’s “Hidden Gem” for 2019.

Named after the Japanese word for “limb,” inspiration for our first product, the Teâshí Coffee Table, emanated from branching structures such as trees, veins, fingers, and bolts of lightning. Only 100 Teâshí coffee tables have been produced to date, each welded by hand, and each subsequent iteration is approached with integrity to the artistic process, honoring the unique characteristics born of original creativity and craft. The Teâshí will be discontinued once the current production is complete, ushering the way for a new Edenic Design.